The New Kitchen Sink

We Replaced our Sink

The sink that came with the house was old, the enamel was dull, and it had that annoying small bowl on one side. Great for preparing veggies, but pretty bad for washing pots and pans. We started looking for a replacement sink. We measured the sink and it was 36 x 22. Went to Home Depot and tried to find a 36 X 22 sink. NONE! Went online to see what we could find. Sure, 36 X 22 sinks are available, but most of them are "farm style sinks" with an apron front, and cost about $1400.

Then, one day I got the idea that I could make a sink collar, or an adapter for a standard size sink to fit in the hole in the countertop. We found that Home Depot did have a 34.5 inch X 22 sink in composite granite, so we bought it, and I traced the outline on a sheet of wrapping paper. then, I marked off the bowl area, and then traced around the perimeter. I should have traced equally on all four sides, but I left 1/4 inch on each side and 1/2 inch on front and back. I took the plans to River City Industries and they cut the collar out of 10 gauge stainless steel. I tried to get as close to the bowl as possible, but I forgot the bowl is curved out in the middle.

The Old Sink, and the mess of pipes below. Removed all the pipes. Still need to grind on the collar a bit. The fit was a bit too tight. I used a carboard box to catch the filings.
Checking the fit. Grind some more. Check the fit. Mark with tape.
Put the Silicone on the granite, put the collar down, and the sink in. Put the disposal in to add weight. Wait for the silicone to set.
Put the drains on each side using plumbers putty. Attatch the faucet.
Put the sink in one last time to check for fit. Remove, put silicone on the collar. Place sink in the collar. The water lines all had to fit in a hole in the collar. Fits good. Put down an extra bead of clear silicone all the way around. Remove painter's tape.
Attach the water lines. hook up the disposal. Oh yeah, we need to put the wiring pigtail on.
Time to test the water. No leaks. First time for everything! I usually have a leak, but this time it seems to be ok. The new sink looks great, and it is so much bigger than the old one, and the off-white is so much better to look at. The collar doesn't show much, and really looks like it is meant to be there.
Thanks to Ian Penry for the photography!

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