The Monterey Oak Tree
We planted a ten gallon Monterey Oak in our front yard on April 1, 2013.
Digging the hole was a challenge, and we finished on April 2.
I set a tickeler in my calendar to take a picture every two weeks,
but I think at this rate of growth, I will take a new picture on the first of each month.

 Ran into a big rock.  So we moved the hole.
 April 1: Just Planted.  April 15: Two weeks.  May 1: One Month.  June 1: May was a good month for rain.
April 1, 2013: No apparent change.
April 14, 2013: I don't think we will see changes that quickly.
May 1, 2013: We had over two inches of rain in April, and I used Milorganite on the lawn. Nice green, I hope it stays.
June 1, 2013: Two inches, followed by 6 inches of Rain in May. The grass is getting hard to cut.
The Crepe Myrtle is taking off!
 July 1: June had about 3 inches of rain.  August 1: July had about 2 inches of rain.  September  1: - August was brutally hot!  October 1: - But 6 inches of rain.
July 1, 2013: I see the Crepe is blooming. 3 inches of rain!
August 1, 2013: July was about 2 inches of rain, and I added a border around the tree.
September 1, 2013: Only 1/3 of an inch of rain all August. Many 100 degree days. I did not mow the lawn, just trimmed grass where it was growing.
October 1, 2013: September was about to be as bad. We had 2.6 inches of rain for the month, but it rained over 4 inches the morning
of Sept 30th. Amazing how fast grass snaps back.
 November 1: - 3.3 inches of rain.  Dec 1, 2013: Ready for the Holidays!  January 1: - Some very cold days in December!  February 1: - Harsh freezes turned my lawn brown

November 1, 2013: October was cooler, and we had almost 6 inches of rain during the month.
Is this tree ever going to start growing?
December 1, 2013: :Started getting Christmas Lights up. Grass is still green after one light freeze.
January 1, 2014: (OK I took it on the 3rd) - Several freezes in December of 2013. Surprised that
the grass appears green. Tree appears to be going up, not out.

February 1,2014: Brown grass, green bushes, tree... not really growing. Maybe this spring?
 March 1: - get ready for Spring!  April 1: - Spring has sprung, and it has new leaves!  May 1: - Water: only 2.6 inches this YEAR!  April 1: - Water: over 6 additional inches in May!
March 1, 2014: Eleven months since I planted it, and this tree doesn't seem to be growing.
Let's hope for a wet spring.
Winter was brutal on the lawn, but little green sprigs are starting to show.
April 1, 2014: No Foolin'. Grass is greening up and we have lots of new leaves.
Amazing, because my rain guage shows less than two inches so far this year.
May 1, 2014: Sprinkler helps the grass, but we really have a serious lack of rain. Only 2.6 inches for the Year. But the Monterrey Oak came out really nice and thick, so I am hoping it will grow out a bit this year.
Jun 1, 2014: Over 6 inches of rain in May helped the lawn finally get back to normal, and the tree appears to be getting fuller.
 July 1: 4 inches of rain in June!  August 1: 3 inches of rain in July!  Sept 1: No rain in August!  Oct 1: 1.6 inches in Sept helped!
July 1, 2014:A June with over 6 inches helps the grass stay green. Temperatures have not yet reached 100 degrees this summer. Amazing!
The tree is much fuller and a bit taller as well.
August 1, 2014: I can see that the base diameter is almost twice what it was when I planted it. It is also about 5 feet taller, and > thicker.
First part of July we had some rain, but the grass is starting to show that it is thirsty.
September 1, 2014:August was brutal. 15 or more days 100 degrees or more. Had to hand water to keep if the lawn yellowing. Tree is getting thicker.
October 1, 2014:September got 1.6 inches, mostly in the last week, so it greened right up. Temps are down, too. The base is about 3 times the size of one year ago.

 November 1: 1.24 inches of rain in October!  Decmber 1: 7+ inches of rain in November  January 4 (2015): Lots of rain in December  February 1 (2015): 4 inches of rain in January
November 1, 2014. Unusually warm October, and just over an inch of rain for the month. Tree seems taller and thicker. Notice the new triple pane windows.
I think I'll have a paint job coming up this fall.
December 1, 2014. Over 7 inches of rain in November. The camera wanted to focus on the lights or something so it's a bit fuzzy.
January 4, 2015. More rain in December. Missed the First of January. Cold front is coming. It won't be green next month.
February 1, 2015. More rain - nearly 4 inches. A few freezing days left the grass a bit brown.

 March 1 (2015): 1/2 inch of rain in February and lots of cold.  March 12 (2015 New Paint on the trim and wood siding.  April 1 (2015): 2 1/2 inch of rain in March  May 1 (2015): 8 + inches of rain in April!

March 1, 2015. Cold February. The Monterey Oak is dropping a few leaves.
March 12, 2015. Spring rains (2.5 inches) and new paint for trim and siding.
April 1, 2015. Greening up, New bricks around the tree. Two years since planting.
May 1, 2015. Greening up, New flowers around the tree. Over 8 inches of rain in April.
 June 1 (2015): 8 inches of rain in May.  July 1 (2015): 3 1/2 inches of rain in June and it is GROWING.  August 1 (2015): NO RAIN in JULY - starting to burn. Found out Sprinkler was broken.  September 1 (2015): .53 inches of rain in August.

June 1, 2015. 12.9 inches of rain in May made the tree grow!
July 1, 2015. 3.5 inches in June, and the tree continues growing. Mild weather (80s and 90s) is helpful.
August 1, 2015. No Rain in July, Tree is growing, but the grass is drying. A few High 90's days didn't help.
September 1, 2015. .53 inches of rain for the month. Fixed sprinklers. Limited to one day per week watering.

 October 1 (2015): .53 inches of rain in September.  November 1 (2015) Less than 1 inch of rain in October.  January 1 (2016): 1 1/2 inches of rain in December.  February 5 (2016): Last Photo. Moving to Midland, Texas.

October 1, 2015. Just a half inch of rain in September, but cooler temps (mid 90's) started about the 15th.
November 1, 2015. About 7 inches of rain in October, Sprinkler system is completely fixed.
December 1, 2015. I forgot to take the picture.
January 1, 2016. Rained a little in December, and the grass continues to stay mostly green.
February 5, 2016. Rained a little in January. House was sold, and this is the last photo we will take.