More Pictures from my Trip to Bucharest

  The Miniature Arch de Triumph
Bucharest was known as "the Little Paris"
before the Communist takeover.

It was about 25 degrees, and foggy every day. Only one day out of three weeks did the fog lift.
Downtown Bucharest
About 3:00 in the afternoon.
Notice all buildings max at seven stories due to earthquakes.

The Russians decided that to make Bucharest a great city, it needed a river running through it. So they built one. There are no real rivers there.
 What a View from my 7th Story Window
 This is one of the Embassy mansions that surrounded our hotel. There were several in the area.
Every morning we walked past several dozen armed guards.
Now, if the exchange rate is 11800 to 1, how much money is this worth?
The exchange rate was more difficult to do than you may think.
A Mcdonald's Hamburger Deal was 235,000 lei.
  • Four 50,000s
  • Three 10,000s
  • One 5,000
  • But if you ran out of 50,000 notes, watch out.

    I needed some toothpaste, and the convenience store was selling a brand named "RODENT", which I am sure was meant to mean the dental care for Romania. I took it to the counter and found a brand of cigarettes being sold at the counter named "Assos".
    I think they are imported from Greece. Even though I wasn't a smoker, I had to take a pack home.
    Romania brands have new meanings in America.
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