"Sixteen Tons" "Sixteen Tons"

Based on the performance by Tennessee Ernie Ford

"Sixteen Ones"
Parody by Guy DiRito

A google is a one with a whole lot of O's,
A program's just an engine that manipulates those.
Zeros and ones on silicon,
Refined by geeks who hack 'til dawn.

You load sixteen ones what will transcribe?
Sixty five thousand plus five thirty five,
Computer starts callin' and modules flow,
You got two words in your regristry core.

Well they learned one mornin' that their Sun wasn't fine,
It picked up a viral that done clocked its behind.
It loaded sixteen ones in program control,
And the mass bus bled to the host console.

You load one more one add up the bits,
Sixty five thousand plus five thirty six,
Then computer gets crawly and modules slow,
No O's will poll in your memory store.

Like a burn out warning down a sizzlin' main,
Try and shoot trouble in code that is lame.
In a daze from a brain break, nothin' worked they were tryin',
Was some unknown viral knocked its clock offline.

Unload sixteen ones what will this fix?
Another bit holder of nothin' but nix.
Computer gets all stally 'cause it can't go,
You got no words in your regristry store.

If It's C you're runnin', and your system's fried,
And loggin' in didn't, cause loggin' in died.
One disk got burned and the other's killed,
When you write ones it could get you,
If you let ones fill.

You call Sistine nuns, why sit and fret?
You better try somethin', I'd pray for abet.
Saint Peter, you're so holy make this thing go,
Please fix that hole in my regristry store.

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