Based on the performance by Roy Orbison


Parody by John Penry My computer got full of little spybots, so I wrote this to make folks aware of the plague of spybots.

You looked all right
for a while.
A zipped file
made me smile.
But you did it last night,
you snooped me left and right
data went to those you know
Oh you worked so swell,
I couldn't tell

That you'd been spy-i-i-ing

on me too.
on me too.
then you spammed anon,
left me crawling along
along with spying.

Starting you up can send
my info to the men
who are Spying

I thought that I
got rid of you
but its you,
yes you
You're gathering even more
than you did before,
but darn it what can I do
For you spy on me,
and I will never see

spy-i-ing on me, spy-i-ing on me.
I cant make you gone,
and from this mess I belong
while you'll be spy-ing,
yeah spy---ing,
on... me.
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