Available Texrocks and "Texas Flats" If you want a Texas Flat stone, we have over 30 stones in stock.

Texas "Flat" Address Stones

We got a new load of Rattlesnake limestone. We still have about 30 available stones of all sizes. Rattlesnake varies in color from Chocolate milk brown to Rusty Red.
Flat Stones
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Just tell me what size you want, and we should have it.

Last update:October 10, 2019.

Texrocks Address Stones

Getting Waterjet time is not easy while we are in a "boom" status so these are what we can deliver in seven days.
Available Texrocks will be shown in various stages of creation. Waterjet cut, chisel, smoothing, and final. When a Texrock is sold, we will try to update the page immediately.
These four Texrocks are available now. We will update when they are sold.
Contact us if you want us to make a Texrock for you. These can be delivered within one week of order.
Click on any picture for an enlargement.
Stage 2 The Texas is defined ans smoothed.

Stage 1 The surrounding states have been removed.
Stone specs.
Number Base Height Thickness Material Price
9A 33.0 in. 21.5 in. 3.0 Yellow Hill Country limestone Texrock $400.00
9B 31.0 in. 23.0 in. 4.0 Rattlesnake Limestone Texrock $400.00
9C 29.0 in. 17.5 in. 4.0 Rust Color Rattlesnake Limestone Texrock $400.00
9D 31.5 in. 17.5 in. 3.0 Yellow Hill Country Limestone Texrock $400.00
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