Available Inventory of "Texas Flats"

If you want a Texas Flat stone, we have sold our inventory of Rattlesnake limestone stones.
See them below

Last update: August 22, 2021.

Texrocks Address Stones

Sorry, but we have decided to stop making the (Texas Shaped) Texrock Address stones.
I just can't be lifting 100 to 150 pound rocks at my age.

We will still offer a variety of products, These are the available "Flats Stones".
We will try to find more locally. I will only do stones that weigh under 90 pounds, which is approxately 16 X 20, or so depending on thickness.

We will mark SOLD on these stones as they are sold.
We will show you the finished product of each one sold.
We will try to find stones locally that will be in these sizes.
We think that locally available Leuders limestone makes a great address stone.
Recent stones we have done.

Previous Flat stones

We will be glad to make your stone in any design. You do not have to use the Texas Shape.

Flat Stones

Flat stones

Flat stones

These photos were all taken with our plywood "Texas Shape" which is 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches in size to give you a relative size of each stone.
The Saw line is what we recommend cutting the bottom off to get it a flat base.

Flat stones

We will show you the finished product of each one sold, so that you can see these do have some nice colorations.
Final These were the last of the Texrocks we made. We will still make the "Texas Flats". See above.
We appreciate our customers!

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