Available Texrocks and "Texas Flats" Last modified January 9, 2019

Flat stones

If you want a Texas Flat stone, we have 14 stones in stock, but our largest is 20 X 25. We are out of the 22 X 29 size.

Texrocks Address Stones

Three Texrocks are available for you to purchase at this time.
Getting Waterjet time is not easy while we are in a "boom" status so these are what we can deliver in seven days.
We have other stones that can be cut, but time it will take to get that done is variable.
If you want to claim one of these stones, send me an email.
I will attempt to mark the sold ones, as they are sold, so that we don't have two people asking for the same stone.
I will also try to update the photos as I make progress on the chisel and smoothing of the stones.

Click on any picture for an enlargement.

Number Base Height Thickness Material Price
1 29 in. 17 in. 2.75 Rattlesnake Limestone $400
2 29 in. 20 in. 3.5 Rattlesnake Limestone $300
3 26 in. 20.75 in. 3.0 Hill Country Nicotine Limestone $400

#2 has a crack in the panhandle. (Can you spot it?) Price is reduced.
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