Tea-light Candle Holders
Made from Limestone bricks.
Limestone can be white, cream, palomino gold, or rattlesnake.

The pricing is simple. $30 for the base, add $5 for each candle holder.
Please add 8.25% Texas Sales tax to price.
If you want additional colors, add $5 per additional color.

Horizontal candles
1 holder is $25
2 holdlers $30
3 holders $35
4 holders $40
5 holders $45
Vertical candles
6 inch Vertical $30
Add $5 for additional colors.

We will add your favorite artwork, or choose one of our "stock designs".
No Charge for setup.
Any Mini-Plaque design can be used on tea-light candles.

Click any photo for a larger picture.

We will make your candle with either the "rough top" or "saw cut" on all six sides. (Smooth top).

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