Tea-light Candle Holders
Made from Limestone bricks.
Limestone can be white, cream, palomino gold, or rattlesnake.

The pricing is simple. $30 for the base, add $5 for each candle holder.
Please add 8.25% Texas Sales tax to price.
If you want additional colors, add $5 per additional color.

1 holder is $25 for horizontal $30 for Vertical
2 holdlers $30
3 holders $35
4 holders $40
5 holders $45
Add $5 for each additional color.

We will add your favorite artwork, or choose one of our "stock designs".
No Charge for setup.
Any Mini-Plaque design can be used on tea-light candles.

Click any photo for a larger picture.

We will make your candle with either the "rough top" or "saw cut" on all six sides. (Smooth top).
MiniPlaque Art Tall Vertical Candle Stock Candle Vertical Candle
Smooth Top Celtic Cross Candle Rough Top Celtic Cross Candle Custom Candle Custom Candle
1 candle Custom Candle Custom Candle 3 candles
1 candle 2 candles 3 candles 3 candles
1 candle 2 candles 3 candles 2 candels

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