The Beach Snapshot Caption Contest

Sometimes you just get an email "Spam" message that catches your eye. I got some Spam recently and this one had such an unusual picture. There is a girl and guy on the beach that looks like South Padre Island, and she walks up to the guy, grabs his trunks and says...

Just what is she saying to him, and why is he laughing so hard?
We need to make a caption for this one....
Hey, we need to have a caption contest.

I was contacted by Getty Images, the "owner" of the photo I had used, and was told to pay for the photo, so now I have removed the photo. It was a photo of a girl looking down into some guy's bathing suit.

Guy Dirito's Enzyte Parody would have gone well with this photograph.
But we decided to use it for a no prize caption contest.
Caption Entry:
Outlook users: Don't worry if the outlook form doesn't show who it is to.
It'll get here.

Here are the entries so far...
Yup. I'm gonna have to vote you off of the island.

She: I heard you were wearing a dayglo orange jockstrap! Can I see...
He: Ha Ha Ha. I'm not wearing ANY jockstrap.

Really! I can hear the ocean in it if I put my ear up to it?

Jeez. You are premature aren't you?

Hey, my Frisbee isn't in there!

Nope. Put on your own damn sunblock.

Hey you're right. You can get crabs from the ocean. weren't joking about shrinkage.

Why does it go in when I pull this string?

She: You actually bid on that on ebay?

I'm just making sure you are not carrying any weapons.

She: Oh, that's cute. A tatto that says Wanda.
He: No, it says 'Welcome to Jamaica, Have a nice day'

She: So this is what was in that popcorn bag, no wonder it was so salty.
He: Yeah (ha ha) it gives a whole new meaning to 'Pop Corn'.

He: Ha - She thinks her contact lens is in there. Sure wish I had that box of popcorn from the drive-in movie last night.
She: ooo! Is that a banana? I like bananas. They have appeal.
(Dialog from a really bad porn flick.)

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We will add more as we have time, and as they are received.
One good way to fight spam emails is to laugh at them.
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