Trip to Washington D.C.

June 2003
My son was asked by his employer to attend a NISH meeting held in Washington D.C. They allowed me to travel with him to be his assistant. NISH is the National Institute for the Severely Handicapped, and they hold a convention each year to have attendies lobby their congressmen about current disability issues.

The hotel was about two blocks from the capitol and the congressional office buildings. But to get from one building to the other using a wheelchair meant going back to the street, around the building, and down a side street to the "Handicap entrance". Ian always says he expects to find the "colored entrance" as well whenever he sees a sign like that.
(1)The Potomac, from the Riverboat Odyssey.
(2)Smithsonian, in front of the Spirit of St. Louis.
(3)Rolling down towards the capitol.
Now we know why they call the capitol "the hill". It seemed to be only a slight elevation, but it gave Ian a workout. The second day, we were able to borrow an electric scooter from the folks at NISH.
(1) Library of Congress
(2) In front of the Supreme Court
(3) Closer to the Spririt of St. Louis.
It had rained 35 days of the last 40, and Washington was very humid. We had our coats on, so I started carrying Ian's, then I started carrying mine as well. We also enjoyed Union Station, and the Post Office Museum building as they had converted it to a brewery/restaurant. They served Pale Rider ale, Blonde Ambition, and Capitol something ( I think that was it). We sampled one of each. :-) and I forgot their names.
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