How to make a Texas Address Stone

The process we use to make our Texas Popouts

Getting the Material

We locate limestone building blocks that are at least three inches thick, 18 inches tall and 20 inches wide. Our maximum size is 22 X 30. This is not a common size. They are heavy. Each stone, depending on thickness, can weigh between 100 and 175 pounds.
Rattlesnake building blocks
We then deliver them to our "waterjet guy".

Water jet Cutting

Waterjet Cutters are amazing machines. They can cut 4 inch aluminum plate, 2 inch stainless steel, or several layers of other materials simultaniously. They aren't really made for "one at a time" jobs, they are made for mass producing items.
The Waterjet forces water mixed with garnet through a nozzle at 60,000 psi. It sounds like a jet engine. You have to wear ear protection devices.

aligning north


move home point

check north again

last check

we "punch in"

east side of panhandle

spraying 15 feet!

showers continue.

water shield!

about to return to high

johnny checks progress

el paso

panhandle bound


turn corner

near amarillo

inches to go

one inch

back to start

all done
we now have the complete outline,
and tap gently with a ball peen hammer.
along the red river, west of the panhandle, then east of beaumont....

completed cut

first tap

second tap

third tap
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