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Texroks Address Stones Page 1

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These are pictures of our 14 inch Texas Popout Limestone Address stones.
These stones weigh between 65 and 145 pounds. As you can see we can fit from 1 to 5 numbers into the Texas area. We can also put text in the base.
Any Design you can imagine cost $400. That includes preparation, setup, local delivery - everything.

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We waterjet cut these from Texas Limestone, chisel them by hand, then sandblast and paint the design.
Each stone is uniquely finished by hand, not made from pre-cast concrete.
Row 5
We have stocked up on Rattlesnake Limestone, because it is our favorite. Rattlesnake Limestone contains fossils that when disected, look like rattlesnake rattles.
The colors range from beige to yellow to deep rust to chocolate milk.
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Row 7
Row 8
Row 9
When we have Texrocks in stock we can deliver in one week.
If we do not have Texrocks in stock, we will deliver between 14 and 21 days of order. (We are at the mercy of our waterjet cutter.
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Row 10
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Row 13
Row 15
Row 15
This is why they call it Rattlesnake limestone.
Row 16
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