Toastmaster Speeches

I joined the Texas Tongue Twister's Toastmasters Club in 2000.
A co-worker from Cyberlog took me to my first meeting and I was hooked.
It's the fastest hour on the planet.

In order to achieve the level of Competent Toastmaster, you have to give a series of ten speeches to your fellow Toastmasters. The ten speeches are designed to give you experience with different subjects, and to constantly improve the way you speak to an audience. I must say, I can no longer listen to some politicians, because I want to ring the bell whenever the say the word "ahh". The "ahh counter" is an important position at the meeting each time.

Toastmasters has really helped me in the way I give a presentation. I recommend it highly. Check out a club near you. Toastmasters International Home Page
Here are the 10 speeches that I gave to earn the Competent Toastmaster pin.

Speech Type Speech Title Objectives
The Icebreaker My name is John Penry • To begin speaking before an audience
• To help you understand what areas require
particular emphasis in your speaking development
• To introduce yourself to your fellow club members
• TIME: Four to six minutes
 Speak With Sincerity Take Action in Your Neighborhood   • To convince the audience of your earnestness, sincerity and conviction on a subject you throughly understand.
• To confront and control any nervousness you may have • TIME: Five to seven minutes
 Organize Your speech   These are Not your Mother's cookies • To organize your thoughts into a
logical sequence that leads the audience
to a clearly defined goal
• To build a speech outline that includes
an opening, body, and conclusion
• TIME: Five to seven minutes
 Show What You Mean   Easier Said Than Done • To Learn the value of gestures and
body movements as part of a speeches
• To explore the different ways of using body language
• To develop a sense of timing and natural, smooth body movements
•TIME: Five to seven minutes
 Vocal Variety   Stranger in a Strange Land • To explore the use of voice volume,
pitch, rate and quality as assests to your speaking
• To achive a pleasing natural voice quality when speaking
• TIME: Five to seven minutes
 Work with Words   Brothers, Bicycles, Baseball, and Bridges • To select precisely the right words required to communicate your ideas clearly and vividly
• To avoid lengthy words and sentences and jargon
• TIME: Five to seven minutes
 Apply Your Skills   Tacky Tourist Tricks

• To Bring together and apply the communication skills you have learned in the preceeding projects
• To organize your speech in a logical manner, following one of the suggested outlines.
• To research the facts needed yo support your speech
• To make personal evaluation of your progress
• TIME: five to seven minutes
 Add Impact To Your Speech   It's No Big Deal • To use the value of props in speaking
• To learn how to use props effectively in your presentation
• TIME: Five to seven minutes
 Persuade with Power   Q,R,S,T (The King's Dinner) • To Present a talk that persuade the audience to accept your proposal or viewpoint
• To achive this persuasive effect by appealing to the audience's self interest, building a logical
foundation for agrement, and arousing emotional commitment to your cause
• TIME: Five to seven minutes
 Inspire Your Audience   Take a Little Walk with Me • To understand the mood and feelings of your audience on a particular occasion
• To put those feelings into words and inspire the audience, using all the techniques you have
learned so far
• TIME: Eight to ten minutes
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