Welcome to TexRocks of Midland, Texas.

Hello, glad to see you found Texrocks.com
We will be glad to make one of our stone products for you.

You can see what Texrocks and Flats are CURRENTLY AVAILABLE .
Our "Texas Flats" start at $70.00 for a 12 X 15 and go up to $200 for a 22 X 28. including setup.
Our Texrocks - Texas Shaped Address Stone - is no longer going to be made.
We find them extremely hard to make, and lift, etc.

We will be glad to do a "Texas Flat" with a 14 inch Texas outline for you instead.
We have sold over 300 Texrocks stones since 2003, and we had fun doing them, but I will now admit that they are just too hard for me to lift.
We made our own Clamshell sandblast cabinet using 3/8 inch chip board. See How we did it.

In addition to Texrocks address stones
We also make:
1 Texas flat stones Texas flat Address stones
2 Busines Card Holders To display Business Cards
3 Awards Glass and Stone Awards
4 Tea-light Candle Holders One to five hole candle holders
5 Mini-Plaques Paperweights, Bookshelf items
6 Nameplate stones Your name in Stone
7 Monograms stones Your Initials in Stone
8 Garden Stones Enhance your garden
9 Glassware Custom designs on Glassware
10 Pet Memorials For our beloved pets
11 Coaster Sets Personalized Coasters
12 Ceramic Plaques Light enough to hang

If you have visited our booth, and want to order on line, please see our page on ordering.

Upcoming Markets for 2020.

We will be at the Arts Council of Midland Artists Community Market
in Midland - November 7th, 2020 .

1506 Illionois St. Midland, TX 79701.
Times 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please note:
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Social Distancing will be enforced,
as will the wearing of masks by both visitors and participants to help keep people as safe as possible.
Special signage will be placed throughout the grounds and your cooperation is most appreciated.
There will be fewer indoor spaces available, but with luck, the weather will be nice, and attendance will be good.

You don't have wait for a market to buy. Send us an email with your request.
It's THAT easy. See the "about" page.

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Odessa Downtown Street Market


Midland College Market at Cogdell

Artist Community Market
We have done over 300 Texas shaped stones.
Thanks to all our customers and dealers.

Some useful and fun links.

I use Boron Carbide sandblasting Nozzles. They last a very long time.
I buy them from Seven Stars International. If you want information on Seven Stars International Boron Carbide Sandblasting tips, Click the email link below:

Some photo essays of the area around our house (built in 1915) when we lived in Seguin, Texas.
We have a gallery of photos of the 60,000 p.s.i WaterJet Cutter in action. In the Waterjet Photo Gallery
Now that you have made it to the bottom of the screen, here are some things that also interest me.

Wheelchair Fencing...

Where's Cleto filmed at SA Fencing.
Sadly, SA Fencing is now defunct. Here is the WOAI segment

My Son, Ian is an avid promoter of Wheelchair fencing. He was one of the instructors for wheelchair fencing at San Antonio Fencing Center. Eppe, Sabre, and Foile are the types of fencing he teaches.
He has won medals at national events, and did some fantastic work.
More Links for fun
  • I hope you will enjoy this story about my trip to Bucharest, Romania in 1999.
  • Our photos of the Pate Swap Meet - May 2015
  • eBay - The world's biggest Garage Sale

  • Check out the progress of my Monterey Oak Tree I planted April 1st, 2013"
  • They moved the house across the street (When we lived in Seguin).
  • We installed a new kitchen sink. What's so special about that? The old one was 36 inches wide!
  • Tired of tangled air hose lines? Try Gecko's Toes hose keepers. (Made in Seguin, Texas)
  • Parody Songwriting
  • Our trip to Washington DC in June 2003
  • My Mostly Humorous Collection of e-mail attachments, photos, movies, etc.
  • My electric Trike on the Seguin Riverwalk.
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